Help with General Plug-in AMIP

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Help with General Plug-in AMIP

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Hello. I have a couple of questions about how MMW interacts with the AMIP plug-in. If this isn't the proper place to ask, please forgive me.

I'm using the Advanced mIRC Integration Plug-In (AMIP) v 2.67 which is gen_irc.dll. AMIP takes data as produced by MMW while a song is playing and creates a text file. AMIP has "tag values" available to it, where %1 is the Artist Name, %2 is the Song Title, etc. I think these tags and their names (%1, %2, etc) are created by MMW by virtue of MMW adhering to the WinAmp API. I've been using the plug-in for a while successfully.

I have 2 questions I hope someone can help with.

#1 (and most important to me) is, the Artist value tag (%1) seems to cut-off after the 30th character. I discovered this when I was playing a song by "Ella Fitzgerald & Her Famous Orchestra" which ended up displaying in the text file as "Ella Fitzgerald & Her Famous O" which didn't look too good, although it is kind of funny. I looked around and didn't see where I could make that string longer. Can %1 be set to a longer maximum?

#2 - While I'm asking, is there an opportunity to have the composer info available in one of these "%" tags? The ones AMIP shows as being available are %1 Artist
%2 Title
%3 Track Number
%4 Album
%5 Year
%6 Comment
%7 Genre
and I assume these come from the WinAmp API spec. I'd like to be able to include the composer info in the text file if possible. If not, I can live without it. (I don't want to do something like put the composer in the Comment field. I use Comment for other stuff.)

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