Sync yr tags from files in different locations

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Sync yr tags from files in different locations

Post by fenrir » Fri May 02, 2008 2:01 am

First off: Apologies if this thread is in the wrong section

Here is the deal:
I have my music collection at work and at home. (could be yr music player and HDD)
I tag random songs at work/home.
Now to copy only the songs that I have tagged at work to home, here is a great tool i recently stumbled upon.

TeraCopy, it is a great software that integrates with yr default windows copy/paste and claims to be faster.
But what I really like is, you can copy all the files at work and paste it back home. TeraCopy would ask you whether you would like to Replace/Rename existing files.

Here, there is an option for "Older", this would only replace the songs that were tagged at work. Thus the songs you had tagged at home would be sync'd with tagged songs at work.

Agreed you can achieve this by only selecting files that were recently modified in the first place. But that is still a lot of work if your files are residing deep inside a folder hierarchy