iDate Added 1.5 - Updated 23/01/2008

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Re: iDate Added 1.5 - Updated 23/01/2008

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Wow this worked perfectly. I got the error #5 like 226 column 10 and it was easily fixed by simply searching my computer for "iDateAdded" (using windows 10- was in C:\Users\[user]\AppData\Roaming\MediaMonkey\Scripts) opening the file with notepad, ctrl + f to find "Chr" and changing that value to "ChrW" as described earlier in the post.

I realize this is probably a bit redundant but I wanted to describe the solution in the absolute simplest and easiest to follow terms for the layman since I had not much else to add here.

Thank you so much to everyone involved here. I have been wanting to ditch iTunes for the longest time. Removing the headphone jack from the new iPhones was the final straw (especially since it is well known that older phone models start to seriously lose functionality once the newer models come out)

So stoked to finally be using a far more versatile functional and faster music library.
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