Custom Report 3.2 - Updated 29/07/2014

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Re: Custom Report 3.2 - Updated 29/07/2014

Post by Onweerwolf »

RCBAudio wrote: Thu May 24, 2018 8:12 am I have installed Media Monkey and Custom Report 3.2 on a new laptop and when I execute the Custom Report Script I am seeing this same error:
Error #70 - Microsoft VBScript runtime error
Permission denied
File: "E:\MediaMonkey\Scripts\CustomReport.vbs", Line: 3187, Column: 4
I read through the thread but must have overlooked the resolution. How was this resolved?

Thanks in Advance.
I am getting a very similar problem every now and then:


edit: actually just found out what causes this. When I make a custom report and have it export as a .csv file and then immediately open that in Excel, then do another custom report with the same settings that opens into the same .csv but the former file is still open in Excel this error results. If I close the former file in Excel it works.
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Re: Custom Report 3.2 - Updated 29/07/2014

Post by arvo »

I get two errors when i try and create a report.

After clicking on custom report I get the following errors.
First Error message
Error #9 - Microsoft VBscript runtime error
Subscript out of range: '[number:3]
"File: C:\users\Brett\AppData\Roaming\MediaMonkey\Scripts\CustomReport.vbs" ,Line 24B, column: 4

then it comes up with the following error message
Error happened during script execution:
Subscript out of range: "[Number 3]'

and the script window doesn't open. anyone know what causes this and how to resolve it.

cheers Brett
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Re: Custom Report 3.2 - Updated 29/07/2014

Post by lothars »

Does this work with the MM5 Betas? If not, is there a similar script that does?
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Re: Custom Report 3.2 - Updated 29/07/2014

Post by m.pipik54 »

When I try to run the report Custom Report 3.2, MM just crashes.

I'm new to MM and I can't figure out how to delete the report since I don't want anything unstable around.
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Re: Custom Report 3.2 - Updated 29/07/2014

Post by Lowlander »

Tools > Extensions should allow you to remove it.
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