More tracks on phone than on computer

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More tracks on phone than on computer

Post by loganflowers »

I'm new to media monkey.

Got all my songs organized on my computer. Synced my phone. On my PC, it says there are 16044 tracks. When I hook my phone up, and view my phones library on my PC, it matches exactly, 16044 tracks. However, when I shuffle all my tracks on my phone, it says there are 16252 tracks. I do not know where these other tracks are hiding.

Additionally, my phone labels several tracks as "unknown artists; Artist name", so, for example, "Unknown Artist; Gillian Welch." I cannot get this to go away. This doesn't appear on my PC library, just on my phone.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: More tracks on phone than on computer

Post by Lowlander »

You may have other audio files on the device that are included.

Which version of MMW and MMA are you using?
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