Synchronise from Plex to Ipod

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Synchronise from Plex to Ipod

Post by Zakath » Wed Oct 17, 2018 6:01 am

I'm trying something new (for me) in MM that in principle should work but seemingly doesn't - synchronising files from my plex media server to ipod classic.

My setup is Plex ( running on a Synology 1817+ (DSM 6.2.1-23824), connected to via MM Gold(version 4.121.1875) which is running on the latest build of win 10 pro (V1809. build 17763.55). I have a mixture of flac, mp3 and minority of other digital files all of which have been added into my MM file library; a quick sample of which all seem to play ok from MM. I have set the synchronise options for my ipod to convert from flac to mp3.

When i attempt synchronise a flac file from plex I get a popup saying there was a problem synchronising files. If I attempt to sychronise an mp3 file I get the "problem synchronising files" error message, and another saying "there was a problem downloading files" due to an unknown protocol. Likewise if i attempt to copy files from plex via MM to a folder on my PC (Send to -> Folder (Copy) ) If I access the same music folder directly from media servers ->Plex -> Music I am able to copy the file / folder to a local folder on my PC

I have no problem synchronising local flac or mp3 files to my ipod.

Any ideas what is happening or how to resolve this ?

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Re: Synchronise from Plex to Ipod

Post by Lowlander » Wed Oct 17, 2018 10:02 am

Try accessing (scan into MediaMonkey) the files from the File Share and not from the Plex DLNA Server (bypass Plex). DLNA is meant for streaming and has limited capabilities.
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