music transfer issues with phone upgrade

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music transfer issues with phone upgrade

Post by cymru-indie » Sat Sep 01, 2018 4:30 am

I've recently moved from a Samsung S5 Mini to an S6. I used the Smartswitch software (through wifi) and it transferred everything form the SD card to the phone memory of the new phone. However, all the ratings and most of the album art disappeared.

I thought that selecting all the music on the S5 to be synced through the MMW interface, then going to Send To and selecting the S6 would be the thing to do but I get an error "There was a problem synchronizing the following items" and every song (2000 files 15Gb) is listed. Below that message it says to save as playlist but that just creates a blank playlist in MMW.

I've tried copying the folders over USB and I get the same result

I am using MM Gold v4 on Windows and Media Pro v on the android device, any help with this would be appreciated. Thanks.