One Song Isn't Getting Synchronized

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One Song Isn't Getting Synchronized

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On my phone (music player called "Poweramp"), I noticed a song missing from one of my playlists. In MM on Windows I have 25 songs, on my phone, it's only 24.

I looked at the playlist file on the phone, and sure enough, there are 25 lines. The last line, however, is this:
\Music\CRAZY KEN BAND\Brasil Goodies\01 Avan Samba - Ibere.mp3
but looking through my phone's file structure, the folder \Music\CRAZY KEN BAND does not exist. That's why Poweramp isn't showing that song in the playlist; the song is simply not on my phone.

Isn't MM supposed to take stock of what's on the phone and what needs to be synchronized to the phone? Any ideas on why that process appears to be not functioning here?

Is there a way to just delete all the music on my phone and let MM resynchronize from scratch? Is that operation more cleanly done using the filesystem (i.e. using Windows explorer to nuke \Music) or is there a way of doing this more clearly from MM (i.e. an option to just resynch the entire collection from scratch)?

Many thanks!
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Re: One Song Isn't Getting Synchronized

Post by Lowlander »

Does that file play in MMW?

You can't force a re-sync, so you'll need to delete the files first (shouldn't be necessary though). Are you sure the file is part of the sync selection?
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