Why does Auto synchronizing of tracks never work with ipods?

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Why does Auto synchronizing of tracks never work with ipods?

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In all the gold versions of MM I have had, on all teh Windows OSs, on all the ipods, and on all the different computers I've bought or built, the Auto-Sync/ Sync random subset of selected files up to device capacity has NEVER worked. MM just remains in the "Synchronizing iPod (Preparing list of files)" or whatever else the message reads, but never actually completes it. I've left the computer running all night and the same message/status is there the next morning, with no progress.

Is it because I have too much music in my collection (about 100,000 tracks)? Suich that MM just chokes on putting a selection together?

Moreever, when I choose Terminate Process afte the synchronization has been going for awhile, it doesn't shut down and I have to shut MM down from Windows Task Manager.

It's annoying not to have MM work for this, since I'd like to have a random mix on my ipods.

Furthermore, I notice that MM won't shut down most times when I press the X in the top right? Are newer versions of MM set not to close if a task is running?

Any ideas?
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Re: Why does Auto synchronizing of tracks never work with ip

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Capture the sync in a debug log (step 4b) and send the log to support: http://www.mediamonkey.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=69
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