3GS syncing questions

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3GS syncing questions

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i am in the process of ditching my Android phone for good ol' iPhone 3GS. now, i know iPhones are not the best sounding phone out there. i used to have one (3G) but because of it's inability to edit & customise the EQ settings i have to sell it. but i heard that thru iTunes now (and the new iOS) you can customise the EQ settings "from within" the software (via the Poperties/Album i think) so it will suit you ears.

i want to ask...since i'm using the Gold & Lifetime version of MM is there an option (similar to the one i mentioned above) to customise & edit the EQ settings before i upload them onto my iPhone 3GS?

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Re: 3GS syncing questions

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No, not via MM.
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