iphone 3g OS 3.0 (developer preview OS)

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Re: iphone 3g OS 3.0 (developer preview OS)

Post by markstuartwalker »

For those of you who have followed this you have 10 chances at downloading from http://rapidshare.com/files/251115169/E ... .mmip.html If anyone has a more permanent location please move it over and republish the link.

I've been working hard ... it now has a proper mmip installer.

I have enhanced the script to only update the playlists which haven't already been exported to iTune already. If you want a playlist to be refreshed, simply delete it in iTunes and then re-run the script.
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Re: iphone 3g OS 3.0 (developer preview OS)

Post by jasongrimme »

I uploaded to senduit.com, url http://senduit.com/8b71ba. It will expire in 1 week, hopefully someone can find a more permanent home by then.

For those of you not around for the 2.0 iPhone/iPod touch update, be patient, reverse engineering something like this take a lot of time, trial-n-err. If I remember right, it was a good 2-3 months before the MM gurus were able to crack the 2.0 db hash. Guess that's the price we pay for jumping into 3.0.

Personally, I create a custom MP3 player in media monkey that is basically just a folder on my hard drive and sync to that, then I drag it to itunes to sync with my phone. Not elegant, but keeps iTunes out of my library and let me sync my music (and video :)) to my device.
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Re: iphone 3g OS 3.0 (developer preview OS)

Post by TrevorPrinn »


Re: iphone 3g OS 3.0 (developer preview OS)

Post by markstuartwalker »

Yes, I agree that's a sensible strategy. I adopted that initially (along with derating the bps to squash more in). It works you don't use playlists and have everything organised by album ... which I don't.

Unfortunately I use lots of playlists (400+) which share tracks all over the place. iTunes doesnt allow you to drag multiple m3u files in (it stupidly concatonates them into one huge playlist). There are the Teridon scripts which help but they run very slowly. Hence I built this alternative.

btw there is a 1.1 version which caches the playlist names so that it goes like the wind! http://rapidshare.com/files/251127293/E ... .mmip.html
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Re: iphone 3g OS 3.0 (developer preview OS)

Post by jasongrimme »

cool, well it is very well done and cool of you to share it with everyone to help us get by, thanks a million!
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Re: iphone 3g OS 3.0 (developer preview OS)

Post by BillieTheVision »

Guest wrote:a small thing, but sign this online petition so that apple can hear our voices and maybe they'll do something
It's not Apple doesn't know other software whats to work with iPods/iPhones - they implemented these mechanisms on purpose to prevent it. And Apple is not usually easy to get around - it means love it or leave it. That's the things I don't like about them, what I do like are their products. :cry: In my opinion the only chance Apple is going to change this is juridical force. Some antitrust court-case need to commandeer Apple to open their interfaces for other devices/software - and we're far from that.
Or Apple will simple change its mind, but I don't believe that to happen since their point is understandable (to dongle their shop system to their devices) - although I oppose it of course.

Re: iphone 3g OS 3.0 (developer preview OS)

Post by ergo_sum »

@markstuartwalker: Could you please republish the 1.1 version of your script. The RapidShare link has expired. A permanent solution would be a good idea... :wink:

Thanks in advance,

Re: iphone 3g OS 3.0 (developer preview OS)

Post by Ehsanpro »

I got the 1.1 version, but whenever I run it it gives an error.
Error#9 - Microsoft VBScript runtime error
Subscript out of range: "i"
File "C;\Programs files\mediamonkey\scripts\exporttoitunes.vbs", Line: 19, Column: 8

Then there is another error:
Error happend duing script execution:
Subscript out of range: "i"

Re: iphone 3g OS 3.0 (developer preview OS)

Post by Guest »

came on MM team if xilisoft have already a solution for 3.0 why are you taking so long to do it?

Re: iphone 3g OS 3.0 (developer preview OS)

Post by Guest »

Sooooo, I jumped on the MM bandwagon at the wrong time. I have been very satisfied with the way it has helped me clean up my library though, which iTunes has neglected. I am looking forward to using MM to sync my phone. I signed that petition posted by another guest (88 signatures at the time) although it was an epic fail grammatically. One can only hope Apple loosens its reign on the iPod/iTunes pair... some healthy competition could only encourage improvements to iTunes, and MM certainly is not a threat to the iTunes Store.

Keep up the good work dev team! Hope to see an update soon :D
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Re: iphone 3g OS 3.0 (developer preview OS)

Post by MoBO »

@markstuartwalker :

I have few permaent solutions for you. Please PM me here ; shadock -@- hotmail
I'm sure you will figure out the email ;o)
Aerius Zension
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Re: iphone 3g OS 3.0 (developer preview OS)

Post by Aerius Zension »

I am hoping more MM users like myself will come back to the forums and start leaning on the developers to whip out a version of MM that is compatible with iPhone OS 3.0. In the age of immediacy, my patience is slipping.
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Re: iphone 3g OS 3.0 (developer preview OS)

Post by cmx »

Here's the info from the original Bluwiki sight...they did start a suit against Apple concerning trhis issue...but that doesn't really get our music up. http://sam.bluwiki.com/blog/2008/11/sup ... hor-of.php
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Re: iphone 3g OS 3.0 (developer preview OS)

Post by markstuartwalker »

I agree with the above coments about Apple not being sympathetic to 3rd parties updating the iPhone directly. I think the idea of using iTunes as a staging area before getting to the iPhone works well. Apple have published the COM interface and this does seem to be stable across iTunes and iPhone releases I'd suggest to the MM team that they pursue this as a better way to link to the iPhone.

Following my earlier premature posting of the 1.1 version of my script I went away and did a hefty re-write. This is NOT a mediamonkey script but a standalone VB Script. Edit the file and modify the last line to point to a directory with m3u playlist files. Simply double-click the .vbs file to launch it. As before the script will iterate through the playlists and add them into iTunes along with their associated tracks. As before already present playlists are skipped.

The reason for the change of direction is that I prefer to keep the master copy of my library as files with embedded tags and use MM as an editor. This means maximum compatibility with other family members and use simple backup facilities. It also allows me to edit the library with mediamonkey and download from iTunes on separate machines.

http://rapidshare.com/files/252946994/F ... s.vbs.html

VBS file content follows ....

option explicit

Function readPlaylistList( DirName )

dim fso : set fso = CreateObject( "Scripting.FileSystemObject" )

dim folder : set folder = fso.getFolder( DirName )

dim files : set files = folder.Files

dim list()

dim i : i = 0

dim file : for each file in files

if instr( file.name , ".m3u") > 0 then


redim preserve list(i)

list(i) = file.name

i = i + 1

end if


set files = nothing

set folder = nothing

set fso = nothing

readPlaylistList = list

end function

function readPlaylistFile( FileName )

Const ForReading = 1

dim fso : set fso = CreateObject( "Scripting.FileSystemObject" )

dim list() : redim list(0)

'wscript.echo( "Read from playlist " & filename )

dim ts : set ts = fso.OpenTextFile(FileName, ForReading)

dim i : for i = 0 to 10000

dim t : t = ts.readline()

if ts.AtEndOfStream then exit for

redim preserve list(i)

list(i) = t



set ts = nothing

set fso = nothing

'wscript.echo( "Read " & ubound(list) & " tracks" )

'dim k : k = "<"

'dim j : for each j in list

' k = k +""""+ j + """"+chr(10)+chr(13)


'k = k + ">"

'wscript.echo( k )

readPlaylistFile = list

end function

' Exports the all of the playlists in the given folder to itunes

sub FilesToItunes( sMMName )

dim playlists : playlists = readPlaylistList(sMMName)

'wscript.echo( "playlists" & cstr(ubound(playlists)) )

'wscript.echo( "Last is " playlists.item(ubound(playlists)))

'wscript.echo( "Open iTunes" )

dim iTunesApp : set iTunesApp = CreateObject("iTunes.Application")

if iTunesApp is nothing then

wscript.echo("Cannot open the iTunes Application")


dim pl : set pl = iTunesApp.LibraryPlaylist.Source.playlists

' try to reuse a previous playlist folder

dim itFolder : set itFolder = pl.itembyname(sMMName)

if itFolder is nothing then set itFolder = iTunesApp.CreateFolder(sMMName)

if itFolder is nothing then

wscript.echo( "Unable to create folder")


dim addPlaylist : addPlaylist = 0

dim addTrack : addTrack = 0

dim playlist: for each playlist in playlists

'wscript.echo("Playlist " + playlist )

' does it exist in iTunes already?

dim new_playlist : set new_playlist = pl.ItemByName(playlist)

' it doesnt so we need to add it

if new_playlist is nothing then

' create the new playlist

set new_playlist = itFolder.CreatePlaylist(playlist)

' get the tracks from the file

dim tracks : tracks = readPlaylistFile( sMMName & "\" & playlist )

dim j : for each j in tracks

'wscript.echo( "Add track " & j & " to " & playlist )

dim operationStatus : set operationStatus = new_playlist.AddFile(sMMName & "\" &j)

if not operationstatus is nothing then

while operationstatus.InProgress



end if

addTrack = addTrack + 1


addplaylist = addPlaylist + 1

end if

'wscript.echo( "Add Track " & cstr(addTrack) )


wscript.echo("Updated " & cstr(AddPlaylist) & " playlists and " & cstr(addTrack) + " tracks" )

end if

end if

end sub

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Post by msfeinstein »

I too eagerly await a 3.0 solution, but with the expectation that we'll be doing this once again in a little while when 3.1 comes out. I'm hopeful some of the smart people doing development on this wonderful piece of software can figure out a way to end this vicious cycle.

Perhaps a ray of hope?? I'll preface this by saying that I've never even used the program (I just downloaded and am in the process of installing it), but has anyone ever used CopyTransManager (http://www.copytrans.net)? They claim iPhone 3.x compatibility. Any idea how they do it? Can the same solution be leveraged by MM?

As a relatively non-technical user, is there anything I can do to help answer those questions on behalf of the MM team? Please let me know and I'll give it a whirl.

Update: Despite the claim in their web page ("iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS up to firmware 3.x"), the program, upon start-up, provides the following message: "Sorry, iPhone 3GS is running iPhone OS 3. CopyTrans Manager does not fully support this version yet and will continue in read only mode."

So, maybe we can't use it as a model for MM :-(
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