Problem syncing Sansa E200 series with rockbox

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Problem syncing Sansa E200 series with rockbox

Post by Griffccif »

I've got a gold MM membership and running version
I loaded Rockbox using the Rockbox Utility.

I really enjoy rockbox because of the extra features it adds, but I have noticed that since I loaded it I have had problems getting MM to recognize my Sansa (MSC or MTP mode)and when it does find it and I click on the sync button I get the message that there is not enough space on my sansa. I've got the 6 GB sansa and I subscribe to a few podcasts but I know there is enough room on there for the few new podcasts. I haven't had this problem before but I'd hate to have to remove Rockbox. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong or is there any other information I could post that would help figure out this problem?

Thanks for any help
Dave Griffith
Sansa e270