Help Solving a DAC issue.

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Help Solving a DAC issue.

Post by SonicNova »

Hi Guys, I'm probably asking this the wrong way, but here goes.

I've found some bookshelf speakers I want to buy but my PC soundcard though doesn't have stereo input jacks for the speakers. I'm told a DAC is the answer, specifically, the Scarlette Solo for au$250. My concern though is whether the DAC is powerful enough to drive the speakers I'm looking at. My thinking now is to spend a bit more money on a dedicated stereo amp or receiver, and run the PC and speakers through that.

I thought I'd throw this out there for some feedback. Thanks All.
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Re: Help Solving a DAC issue.

Post by Peke »

Lets start from end side eg. what are the speaker model and are they Studio Monitors or HiFi, Active or Passive, ...

If they are active speaker then something like ... B00B2HP1MW would work like a charm to split Stereo to 2xMono in order to support your speaker connections.

If Speakers are passive (which I doubt as bookshelf speakers usually are active you would need and Full AMP as no DAC would be able to drive them.

I have Focusrite Solo 3rd gen and use it as Headphone Amp. It is great device for the price, never regret it that I spent money on it especially if you art using active studio monitors due the balanced mono outputs. A pic from my desk:
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