link to stream from applet

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link to stream from applet

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how can you get a livelink from a stream that only plays in a java applet or flash thing?

any ideas?
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Yes, use a Flash or Java decompiler. These can be easily found if you do a little search on the internet. SWF Decompiler (flash) and JAD decompiler (java) are good, but there might be even better ones available.

Of course, you can only use this on files you created yourself or when you have the permission of the author!

Or maybe you can use an internet protocol monitoring app (Ethereal or something less advanced) to see the stream (and location) that is active.

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ok, i'll google a bit.

maybe anyone has already done this, and can give me a step by step guide or just a good soft to do this. :D
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You can use this tool to find the link to the stream. ... rlsnooper/

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Post by wallstreetwalker »

thanks for the info

i got url snooper to get the link and am using screamer radio to record the show :lol: .

there are 30 shows of 50 min each, so it will take some time to get the whole series.

Maybe someone knows how i can dl the shows without having to play it entirely ??
but since it's a 50 min and 50 mb show i suppose 50 min isn't a bad downloading speed.

anyway thanks alot!!
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