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Capcha OTT

Post by SGUIRR »

Just a bit of feedback about joining this forum.

I nearly gave up registering which would have meant abandoning the product to.

Sometimes IT people are too clever, the whole use of apes and monkeys for Capcha may seem incredibly smart but it is completely over the top to have to select 6 yes 6 images, it would not be so bad but if the usernames you choose have been used (3 times) and you have to enter the stupid capcha again, you just get pissed off at the site.

If I entered the Capcha OK but the username is in use just consider me a human (or ape) and do not ask for Capcha again.

When people implement such OTT system they just look like amateurs.
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Re: Capcha OTT

Post by Lowlander »

Because spammers find ways around, thus new methods of thwarting them get invented.

Once you register you don't need to do the CAPTCHAs again. If the Username you want is in use you'll need to select a different one.
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