Interesting article on Winamp on it's 15th anniversary

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Interesting article on Winamp on it's 15th anniversary

Post by tinana »

I had no idea Winamp was at one time so big and had so much potential. Very interesting reading about Winamp and mediaplayers and the mp3 format in general. ... id-itself/
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Re: Interesting article on Winamp on it's 15th anniversary

Post by rovingcowboy »

yep at the start way back in win 3.0 it was either a cheap hard to use and understand no frills windows media player.
(worse thing to use) or winamp that was it. they were on every install of windows so they were considered the best because of lack of compeditors. but windows started fixing theirs, and winamp got some trouble with real player, then several other ones that worked like spreadsheets only for win 3.1 or win95 showed up then we got greater ones in win98 with tons of choices winamp started on the way out of the number one spot.

its been fighting hard to stay there but as you seen over the last 12 yrs mediamonkey has taken its share of space out of winamp's number one spot mostly. i believe because of the cheap skins winamp had made by that one program that just changed the color scheme and no shapes, that program had thousands of winamp skins all looking the same with one or two color changes.
made for some sour grapes with most the winamp users and then winamp allowed movie ad's for the skins, and winamp was sold and the new owners did not really care as much about it's fan base just making a buck. i think they got the idea though as they got some good new skins for it with the new player format but its still not like it once was.

even though i still use it now and then when i feel like seeing my old winamp visuals i still like mediamonkey even version 4 with the errors i get in the skins. i'm staying with mm i'm sure they will fix it soon they have always got them fixed after a time of fixing other errors, so maybe they will find the one causing my issue and get it fixed which will fix the error i get.

i use to use media junk box but their attitude over there and the fact they kept changing the player and formats for av. almost every 2 weeks made me stop using it to come to mediamonkey. plus the fact they kept taking av effects from the users but tossed them in the trash. cause they decided not to take the request for input or av effects from the users down when they only wanted the ones they paid for., that mistreatment of us users really po'd me i dumped them as fast as they dumped my 2 weeks worth of av files in the trash.
been bad mouthing that junkbox ever since.

only ones i feel anygood to use other then mediamonkey are jet audio and winamp. but don't use them much at all only mediamonkey. :D
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