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How to back up MediaMonkey

Posted: Wed May 17, 2006 1:40 pm
by micro
I'm planning om reinstalling Windows soon, but I would like to keep all the information MediaMonkey has of my music files; the number of times the files have been played, playlists etc.

Is all I have to do to keep this info to back up the MediaMonkey folder I have in My Music, and when I have reinstalled Windows exchange the new MediaMonkey folder with the old one?

Posted: Wed May 17, 2006 1:48 pm
by wallstreetwalker ... ght=backup

a script for backin up.

you might want to copy:
- the entire mediamonkey folder in the C:\...\my documents\my music folder
- the scripts folder if you don't want to reinstall them
C:\program files\mediamonkey\...

- same for plugins and dll's you added (or reinstall ofcourse)

i think that 'll do. (please confirm, i 've never done anything like this)

to be absolutely safe you might want to first sync all tags with the library in case something weird happens.

Posted: Wed May 17, 2006 1:49 pm
by Teknojnky
Backup your program files\mediamonkey and my documents\my music\mediamonkey folders.

Posted: Wed May 17, 2006 3:46 pm
by Scooter
Have you considered Ghost?

I love this program. I have a 150gig computer compressed and ghosted in about 50gigs. I have kept the factory out of the box settings, my uptospeed computer with all the bells and whistles, and my last backup from a month ago.

Ghost takes a picture of your CD exactly how it is now and when you reinstall, all your preferences, icons, programs, and settings are all exactly like you had them. What a wonderfull program.