Untagged files shown as "unknown"

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Untagged files shown as "unknown"

Post by Affenmann »


when I draw an untagged file (mostly recordings or samples with names like REC012.mp3 or bass 90 bpm.wav) into MM, they are displayed with their filenames.

At least that was until I unfortunately clicked "yes" to an unnecessary update of the "RegExp Find & Replace" script. Since then, untagged files are shown as "unknown".

How can I change that?

Cheers AM.

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Re: Untagged files shown as "unknown"

Post by MMFrLife »

So, you clicked 'find updates' in the extensions dialog and it updated RFR, all of a sudden showing the filenames (or tag fields) as unknown? That is very bizarre. Did it actually update the addon or did you get a failed attempt?

Are the original filenames still there when viewing them in Windows explorer. If so, you can try removing them from the library and re-adding them.
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Re: Untagged files shown as "unknown"

Post by Lowlander »

You can use Tools > Auto-Tag from Filename to get the filename into tags.

You may have disabled Infer Properties under Tools > Options > Library.
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Re: Untagged files shown as "unknown"

Post by Affenmann »

First of all, thanks for your answers.

1. @MMFrLife It was like this: I started MM and a RFR update window popped up. I clicked yes (whick was a mistake, because RFR was all fine), and then, I don't know, maybe I was too impatient, anyway, the window showed up again several times, sometimes I clicked yes, sometimes no, eventually MM crashed. When I started it again, all my settings were gone, including

2. @Lowlander the Tools > Auto-Tag from Filename setting (which I never had changed manually).

Bizarre indeed. Anyway, I changed the setting and almost everything's fine.

So, thanks again and have a nice weekend.
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