wasapi troubles again... ugh

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wasapi troubles again... ugh

Post by skohlmey » Mon Jan 13, 2020 12:33 pm

Hi everyone! I am a longtime MM gold user ( on current Win 10 PC. I am having trouble with output from wasapi to my Oppo dac.

My setup use to work fine with wasapi configured in exclusive mode with all other default settings. I could stream all of my hires music in its native bit rate/depth to my oppo via toslink (This was 8 months ago - before my I had to store my hifi gear while building a new house). Now, all I get is static with a faint music in the background. However, everything works fine using slightly outdated foobar v1.3.9 with wasapi output so I know the problem is not with the Oppo, cable, PC, sound chip or music files.

[edit: when I turn off Exclusive mode in MM wasapi, the sound comes through correctly. But without Exclusive mode, the sound chip on my pc automatically converts all bitrates to a common level (cd quality) and no longer passes the HiRes data to the DAC.]

I have searched the board and read all of the previous postings on this topic - but no luck. After many hours, it is time to ask for your help. Thanks