laptop vs PC

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laptop vs PC

Post by victorianaylor538 »

This only happens on my laptop, not my desktop PC.
When I first open MM, it looks fine: (Sorry about the URLs, I couldn't get the [img] html to work).
If I minimize to the tray, the tray player is so tiny it's impossible for me to tell what I might be clicking on:
(This pic is highly magnified.)

When I restore MM< I get this :

I tried setting a specific font size on the skin. My Laptop display is 2880 x 1920, and my scaling is set to 200%. No other programs have ever presented any behavior like this.

Any ideas? Should I report it as a bug?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: laptop vs PC

Post by Peke »

Have you tried to change skins, as MicroPlayer size is skin related.

also it could be useful to try portable version of MM5 from ... 86639&sd=d to see if you can replicate same behavior.
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