Auto-Organize rule not move my files

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Auto-Organize rule not move my files

Post by bvivi57 »

I use MediaMonkey Portable Mode version

I monitor two folder (Scan continously) : S\Musique and S:\New.

I would like that when I add files in S:\new, the files are moved to S:\music respecting one organization per genre.
So I created a rule to automate the movement of files. This rule is as follows:

For my entire collection, my files must be classified in S:\Music\<Genre>\<Album Artist>\<Album>\<Track#> - <Artist> - <Title>

The rule doesn't work. My files remain in their location in "New" folder and are not moved. Can you help me and tell me if I have set up something wrong.

Thank for your help
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Re: Auto-Organize rule not move my files

Post by Lowlander »

Auto-Organize only moves files when you add them to the Library (the first time) or when you edit a file. Any existing files won't be moved by Auto-Organize. However you can use Tools > Auto-Organize Files on selected files with the same Mask to move them.
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