MM upgrade now No Sound

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MM upgrade now No Sound

Post by Asd64 » Sat Jan 26, 2019 5:15 pm


I have three laptops, all with Windows 10. The one that I am trying to get MM working on is a Dell Inspiron 64 bit.

I don't use the above machine much. BUT, when Windows suggested I 'reset my Windows' (something like that - it was supposed to be something that would update my PC and make it run better). To my horror it wiped out, TOOK OFF several programs - one of which was MM. From now on, I am going to pretty much ignore all Windows notifications.

Such the above no longer has MM - I tried MM on my Dell. At first i wanted to rip a CD. It got an error message. Something about I would have to upgrade to do what I was trying to do.

If I remembered right, I thought MM, once it was purchased, had a lifetime subscription. So, I found the old activation code and entered it in the Dell. It did rip the disc. And to my surprise, it even it has some playlists (I guess I created them on this Dell and forgot about them).

When I click on a song to play in the playlist (a song from the middle pane of MM), MM just scrolls down the playlist to the last song in the last and doesn't play ANYTHING.

I selected a song and told my PC to open it with MM - it 'obeyed' and played the selected song in MM but I cannot play my playlists. No matter which song I pick in a playlist - MM just scrolls through the songs and stops on the last song in the list . . . . and it doesn't even play that one.

Help please. I really like MM. Put not the way it is performing now. I can't play any playlists.

Lets divide the interface of MM into three panes. The far left pane has the 'tree' that shows the list and stuff. The middle pane would show whatever I picked from the far left pane. And when I selected a song or list from there, it would be shown in the far right hand pane. In a list format if several songs were picked. Now it no longer does that. At the top it has a "Now Playing" and a "Selected". Along with a few other minor things at the topy (a seach engine and two icons that have the carrot down symbol. It seems as if this pane no longer does anything. It shows some info of the song I selected. BUT, it does not play that song. It just skips down the selected playlist - not stopping even a second to play any of the songs.

Of interest: When I use Windows Explorer and select a song -- I select that it play the song with MM. And, it does! So . . . in a sense it works. It just is not doing playlist correctly at all.

And, I imagine the burner function will not work, I will try it later (if we can fix the current problem).

Thank you.


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Re: MM upgrade now No Sound

Post by yarguy » Sun Jan 27, 2019 8:46 am

Scrolling through the Now Playing list, turning each song title grey, means the track isn't where MM thinks it is. You'll need to Locate moved/missing files (under files). MM will play a track when you click on it outside MM because you have just told MM where the track is.

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Re: MM upgrade now No Sound

Post by Lowlander » Sun Jan 27, 2019 5:19 pm

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