Moved Files, DB to new drive, lotsa problems!

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Moved Files, DB to new drive, lotsa problems!

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I've been using MM Gold since v2 and my hard drive that contained everything finally had to be changed. I have 29k songs, and a DB of 300 meg that mushroomed to 9GB when I used the "locate missing tracks" to recover the database, which it did fine except the size of the DB seems to make it crash a lot when trying to expand "Music" in MM by "Location" (it works fine in Artist mode etc, however. The new location is an external USB 3 drive whose owner is my microsoft account, but "Everyone" and "System" have full control permissions. MM android also cannot sync to that location wirelessly BTW, but I will tackle one problem at a time! I am running a "full" optimization of the DB as I type this, but it isn't going to fix the huge DB size, as it is already 3GB after a couple of hours of optimizing... I don't know how to use sqlite, but am willing to learn if that will help, but I don't really want to start my DB from scratch and lose 10 years of playcount etc. if at all possible--thanks!
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Re: Moved Files, DB to new drive, lotsa problems!

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How to move: ... w_computer

A growth that large seems odd. 300MB seems reasonable. If you still have the old 300MB database file you could try the above method.

Database issues may be causing all kinds of other issues, anyway for wifi sync issues see: ... ork-at-all
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