MM COM Elevator on Win 7 Pro

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MM COM Elevator on Win 7 Pro

Post by surfside »

Multiple problems popped up with V4.1.20.1864:
Most noticeably MediaMonkey COM Elevator keeps popping up every time I start MM.
I unchecked "Re-associate File Types on startup" ... It's still pops up.
When I insert a CD sometimes it starts playing ... sometimes not.
When I hit Rip CD sometimes it crashes. Yes, the freedb is there.
I no longer trust it. Can I get a new download?
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Re: MM COM Elevator on Win 7 Pro

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This is not common behavior. In order to see what happened on your system can you please check if MMW shortcut have enabled Run as Administrator and any of other compatibility flags enabled as that can cause Com prompt. Also if it is not a problem can you open support Ticket and send us debug log as described here ... ?f=12&t=69 ?
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