Copying music I burned back to HD

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Copying music I burned back to HD

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I have burned a number of music CD of random music. Is there any way to copy these back to my HD and also capture the song title and artists? I don't want to have to go back and manually add titles/etc if I can help it!
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try it :o

if the info is in the tags, you can get it back - otherwise i don't know :lol:
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I think that it only works if you burned with cdtext which isn't supported by all CD burners.
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kan't help

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if you burned it with cdtext which as lowlander said only works with some cdrom burners you can then get all names back.

otherwise you will need to put it in the cdrom and use monkey and rip the songs again you will need to readd all the information back in but such is life. :cry:

if you burned a data cdrom then all info is there just copy the files back from the cdrom like you would from another folder on your hard drive.

keep happy :P
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