How many levels of folders can MM read?

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How many levels of folders can MM read?

Post by Kupuna »

I've been ripping disks (using MM) and sending them into a remote directory where I set up a directory structure and naming protocol to suit my needs. In some instances, the ripped tracks are four folder levels down (classical rips/russian/rachmaninoff/concerto 3). When I went to scan my work into the MM database, MM listed a number of missing or moved tracks. I know the tracks are there, and I can play them directly from the ripped folders. Are the folders too "deep" for MM to find?
In reading help for this problem, I get the idea that I should have been using MM in a different way to do most of the work rather than creating my own structure.
Taking a one-disk example: Disk contains two classical compositions. Rip them separately since I don't want them played end to end. Store them in separate folders I created. Hopefully get MM to scan what I did and pull the rips into the database, divided as I intended.
I think I'm in trouble here :o Any help or advice welcomed.
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Re: How many levels of folders can MM read?

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It's not so much the amount of folders as the length of the absolute path.
Windows path limit is around 250 - 260 (difference of speaking technically and practically).

With 4 folders deep, plus the fact that you are working with classical titles (tend to be excessively longer), you might be reaching
a threshold.

Do the problem tracks involve only the 4 folder deep tracks?
Do a test by copying one of the tracks involved in the issue and use the amazing utility FindFullNamesGreaterThan255 to help determine where
the length is at with your test path.
If it is out of range, try shortening the names of the folders and/or filenames. Try adding it to MM after that. If it works, remove it and run all the problem
files through the utility, add test them as you proceed.
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