Auto scrolling lyrics in MM4.1?

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Auto scrolling lyrics in MM4.1?

Post by mynetdude » Fri Apr 22, 2016 8:52 pm

Ok so I've searched the forums, wiki etc... I'm getting bits and pieces and some of it is old/outdated but not unusable necessarily.

I love Musixmatch; (and yes I read about that MXM can't be used due to the API costing so much; but that's for android.. I do have a question about that, but I'll save that for the Android forum)

I'm spoiled, actually Spotify has Lyrics (Musixmatch, duh) I'm also relentlessly hard of hearing so that's never going to change so Lyrics has been a big thing for me; I'm disappointed with all the music offerings and while streaming is cool... I feel its unfair to have to constantly be riddled with either useless features or NO features for $10/month which were awesome and useful... so I'm going to stick to buying music for now on and use the free streaming to find music I like.

But I still want Lyrics and what's even cool is MM4.1 has that built in, great... but its in the tiny corner (can't this be made bigger?) and can I get Lyrics that is synced/scrolling like it does in Musixmatch? (MiniLyrics?)

And does the Lyrics sync with songs synced to my Android device??? (that would be cool so I wouldn't need to have internet to see Lyrics on my phone, but coming up in another post).

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Re: Auto scrolling lyrics in MM4.1?

Post by rebecca.whit3 » Sat Apr 23, 2016 5:00 am

What have you tried so far?

I've had success using the EvilLyrics addon ( ... il-lyrics/) in the past. It can scroll/sync lyrics like Spotify/Musixmatch, albeit it looks totally ghetto by contrast.


I haven't heard of any other lyric addons for MM, but there might be something out there for Winamp—whose plugins are supported by MM.

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