Audio problems with windows 8,1 update

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Audio problems with windows 8,1 update

Post by larrygraus »

I switched from iTunes to Mediamonkey with the arrival of my new laptop. No troubles thus far. When I updated my windows 8 to 8.1. Everything seems to be working well, except Mediamonkey and VLC audio output.
VLC mediaplayer does play the video, but no sound as well. Maybe the two problems are related. Youtube does play sound. Troubleshooting 'playing audio' does not give results. In my Acer Aspire E17
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Re: Audio problems with windows 8,1 update

Post by nohitter151 »

Check output plugin settings you may need to change your output device.
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Re: Audio problems with windows 8,1 update

Post by Peke »

If there is general problem with track playback especially with VLC which is one of the most flexible apps when it comes to playback than something like nohitter said is wrong with system codecs and drivers like playback devices.

First See if you can make any application to play the files?
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Re: Audio problems with windows 8,1 update

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