double digit track numbers

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double digit track numbers

Post by Ella »

This is probably really simple, so before I go editing .ini files randomly, I thought I'd ask here.

I'm a very new MM user. I've used WinAmp then Quod Libet for years, until Quod Libet stopped working with a change to Windows. I rip loads of CDs (using Exact Audio) and I usually use Ex Falso to edit tags or file paths quickly & easily.

My goal is eventually to do all of this via MM, once I figure out how, but first I'd like to know how to make track numbers double digits automatically. (Example, instead of 1-15, tracks would be 01-02-03... through whatever.) My biggest CD seems to have 87 tracks, but it's perfectly conceivable that in this new mostly digital era, I will move to multi-CD tracks being counted as one, so then it might be necessary to move to 001, but right now that's not my main issue.

I just want my library consistent, and since it's got thousands of Albums in it, I figured I'd rather stick with my previous formats than try to switch everything to a new format. (Especially since my first pass through MM took literally months to fix after it autotagged everything before I knew what I was doing or could catch it...)

If this really IS easy, then an answer to how to make those triple digits would be cool too. Thanks much - Ella
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Re: double digit track numbers

Post by rovingcowboy »

go to options turn on user friendly mask then when you set up the pathway / mask / directory for the songs to be saved in when moved or after the rip, you can use the configure button on the rip panel to set up things I'm not sure if it is in there or if you need to use a script there are scripts to set up just about anything you want. some old winamp scripts might work if you still have them but not many, might be worth getting use to mm scripts instead of using them old winamp ones.
you ever skinned winamp classic that is basicly how mm skins are made look at the wiki for help on making them.
or just find one you like and unzip it to find the parts and get the skinning engine mm uses. then have fun remaking your own skins.
go through the main mediamonkey options first though and learn what is already able to be done, so you can see how easy it is then you won't be confused when something different happens then what you expected.
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Re: double digit track numbers

Post by Lowlander »

Are you looking to change filenames? In that case <Track#:2> will do this (or <Track#:3) for triple digit).

If you're looking to change the tags check out ... ading+zero or ... lit=regexp
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