itunes and external drives and networking, oh my?

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itunes and external drives and networking, oh my?

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I have a lg laptop I use just for downloads. I use an HP laptop as my everyday computer. I have an external drive hooked up to my router that I use for storing media files. I have mapped the drive on both the lg and the HP as Z:
I just recently found an old desktop HD with like 90 gigs of music I know I currently don't have in my collection. Problem is it is all stored in several different previous itunes library database files. I REALLY don't like itunes and was wondering if there was some way to extract the music from those files without having to install itunes, although even as i ask I'm sure I already know the answer. OK, so if I do have to install itunes it would be on my secondary computer, the lg. Can I move the itunes media file to my external drive so it will keep the copies there and just direct MM to continuously scan that folder? The external drive is always connected but the lg is only on if I'm downloading something. Would that make any difference? I know this is a MM forum, but does anyone know how to turn my itunes library into just a regular folder full of files so I can be rid of itunes forever? I hooked the old drive I found up and had MM do a search, it found album art and artists and such but when I tried to play it, it went through the whole list, greying out everything. is it possible that album art and folders could use 90 gigs worth of data without having any actual music files?

I am also having problems with having to constantly rescan the external drive because for some reason all of my files become unavailable at random times until I do a rescan, which takes forever over a wifi signal.
I wish there was a one click answer to consolidation of my digital libraries....until then, i could use whatever advice anyone has....
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Re: itunes and external drives and networking, oh my?

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MediaMonkey like iTunes work with media files, they're neither iTunes nor MediaMonkey files. So you'll have media files like .mp4, ,m4a and .mp3 and any media program can scan them and/or play them.

MediaMonkey like iTunes maintain a database with data about your songs. MediaMonkey can read certain data from iTunes databases, but it requires iTunes to be installed and using that iTunes database.

What extension do the files have on the external drive that grey out when played in MediaMonkey?

As for the other external drive connect to the router, use its UNC Path (\\Router\folder\files) instead of a mapped drive. That will likely solve the rescanning need.
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