Help for MM newbie?

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Help for MM newbie?

Post by Sheena3745 »

Hiya. I'm new at MM (but not at computers in general), & there's a couple of problems I can't solve. Hopefully you experts can help.

* How do I share the MM data between work & home (both with their own copy of MM, so far I use a portable drive as a backup & sync it with each computer as I go. MM says that all the data is on \My Music\MediaMonkey\Data but I don't have a "Data" directory neither where MM is installed, nor on the hard drive. Work has W2K, home has XP. Currently MM plays at home from \My Music\ on the hard drive; at work it plays from \My Music\ on the portable. The directories are sync'd daily. If necessary, I can change the home MM to also play from the portable. Ideally, I could place the MM data on the same directory & the automatic sync will take care of it.

* Reading other posts, I realize MM cannot (yet) directly export library data to iTunes, but I'm more concerned with the tag editing. I fixed the tags for some of my files & used iTunes to test them. First only 1 file (out of 30+) had ALL the data, the others were blank. I cleaned & sync'd the tags again in MM & this time I got info in all the files, but nothing on ratings or comments. I don't use iTunes except to purchase music, but I need to make sure the tags are edited in the files themselves, not just for MM, but for burning CD's & downloading to an MP3 player (I have a YEPP).

I apologize in advance if these are much-answered questions, but I couldn't find anything specific in 2 days of search.

Many thanks for your help.

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Post by MeMeMe »

I don't know about the rest, but iTunes doesn't store its ratings in the id3 tags - just its own internal database.
So, it probably doesn't scan the files id tags for Ratings either. I don't know about the rest of your question, but it doesn't look as if there's any erasy way to synchronise ratings data between the two programs.
I hope somneone else knows better and proves me wrong, because I'd find that handy.
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Post by Zero3K »

Actually, the path for where it keeps its database is "\Documents and Settings\%username%\My Documents\My Music\MediaMonkey" (try copying and pasting it into the Run dialog box by clicking Start, Run)
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Post by lumo »

The path is actually "Path to your My Music\MediaMonkey"
Mine for example is D:\My Music\MediaMonkey
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Post by julzcompufreek »

And the actual file is called mediamonkey.mdb.

And idea would be to have the portable hard drive to act as a music server. You would just use the same database on each computer by storing it on the portable hard drive. Then you would just edit the mediamonkey.ini file on each of the computers (which is found in the same location as your mediamonkey.mdb file) and tell it to use the mediamonkey.mdb file on the portable hard drive.

You can do this by editing the mediamonkey.ini file. Under the "[System]" part of the ini, Just add this line
(Where the "Z:\MediaMonkey.mdb" is, put the location of the hard drive)

I hope this works for you, if you need anymore information, please dont hesitate to ask.
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