Art for missing cover art

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Art for missing cover art

Post by dannyno »

I have some albums, mainly but not exclusively compilations I've made myself, which have no cover art. Because most of them were compiled by me, there's no point scanning in the covers, and I don't really want to do that anyway.

MM of course just gives the album a default image.

But what I want is a properly sized, nicely designed, default image for albums/tracks which don't currently have any actual cover art, which I can add when needed. One that will be in the right proportions and look good in the database and if synced to a device.

It could be a MM logo, or a jpg of a vinyl record, or something more stylised.

Does anyone have such a thing, or know where perhaps a selection could be found?


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Re: Art for missing cover art

Post by rovingcowboy »

I made a bunch of genaric art and have it on my web site for downloading and saving if anyone needs it. Most is of real artists or their covers i found online in bad condition which i repaired, but there is a zip file of about 20 images that i use when i cant find any art.

Here is the url to my media downloads page click the album covers button image, might take time on dial up, ... loads.html

When at the pages for the album art the single images you see are thumbnails clicking it will get you bigger images, the table with the little thumbnails of the cover art you are after is just going to download the zip file when you click on them.
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