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Manage Collections

Post by Eagleclaww »

There a tutorial on using Manage Collections or something?

What i want to do is split my library up into different Genres. Specifically, I want to add Christmas Music.. something I need to keep absolutly seperate from the rest of my music. I don't mind filtering most of my music, or just playing random tracks from the entire collection, if it suits my fancy. But I certainly don't want Christmas music tracks randomly playing in July. hehe.

Plus, in a general sense, I have no idea how do use Manage Collections. So far, I only use the music on MM. I don't have videos and stuff anyway
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Re: Manage Collections

Post by Lowlander »

You set criteria, for example you can set a criteria Genre is not Christmas to exclude christmas music. Collections are criteria based and most fields can be used as a criteria.
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Re: Manage Collections

Post by rovingcowboy »

I use auto playlists its simple and fast to just make an auto playlist to pick only one genere of songs then it is for me to figure out collections, plus its easier to start playlists by timers then collections,
But unless you run the jukebox all day all year then timers for playlists are not really needed, so collections might be the way to go for more folder nodes to look at and through to find the songs, me i still will use auto playlists i only have 1 or 2 nodes to find all the songs in that genere in one viewing list.

But different ways makes it easier for everyone to find what makes monkey work for them. 8)
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Re: Manage Collections

Post by dannyno »

So long as you've got your music tagged with the correct genres, this is easy.

I have collections for Various Artists, New Music (held in a particular folder), music for a particular artist, and music for named people in my household. I use playlists for Christmas music, as it happens, though I can see the advantage of putting it all in its own collection and excluding it from the other collections.

Tools > Options > Media Tree will show you existing collections. Then you can click on the "new" button (looks like a list on a sheet of paper) to set up a collection with the criteria you choose (everything with the "Christmas" genre), or "edit" to alter the criteria of existing collections (for example to exclude the "Christmas" genre).
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