Don't tell me when volume has been levelled?!?!

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Don't tell me when volume has been levelled?!?!

Post by chumps »

I pretty much always keep Media Monkey minimised to the System Tray, and when I want to move between songs I right-click the icon and choose Next etc. Fine and sweet, and there aren't usually any problems....

Unless the track that is currently playing has had the volume levelled in which case the notification about the voume levelling pops up and it inconveniently hides the relevant part of the right-click/context menu.

It's annoying more than anything...any workaround? I can't see anywhere to configure MM to not tell me when the volume has been levelled, other than disabling levelling altogether, which I'd rather not do.

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Post by wallstreetwalker »

i believe you can disabling pop-ups needs to be done somewhere in windows settings itself.
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Post by Lowlander »

I have never seen the volume level popup before. But in the MM settings you can turn popup notification of on track change.
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