Combining Lyrics on MP3 automatically??

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Combining Lyrics on MP3 automatically??

Post by rick_dallas »

Hey, I'm new to burning mp3s to cd. Couple of things I'm looking for that I haven't been able to find yet.

One is a good library for my music and video files. A good cataloge so that you can search by keywords and be able to edit any tag of a file. Nero is great for burning but won't let you edit any of the fields. MM might be good for this but would like to hear other people's opinion.

Second, I'd like to be able to include the lyrics in my mp3s so that when I play them in my car, the lyrics scroll across the screen. I've seen screen captures of players downloading the lyrics via the web but don't have that capability in my truck (yet!).

I have a couple of different burning tools available to me and obviously all of this has to play together nicely.

I think my car radio is up for it if I can find a way to do this. It's a Kenwood mp628.

So, am I 5 years too early or is anyone doing this right now?

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Post by pah68 »

MiniLyrics to add lyrics to the files automatically.

MediaMonkey for everything else, including burning. Latest beta burns mp3's.

Post by Guest »

Evil Lyrics has a plugin that does it now too. It's actually two plugins...
Ello 0.4.2
EvilTagger 0.1.0
You can download them both from

I tried the miniLyrics and didnt like it at all. It seems to really wanna run in WinAmp and not the Ultra Cool media Monkey!
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Post by pah68 »

I'm going back to using Evil Lyrics.
Mini Lyrics is pretty to look at and the ability to automatically tag your files is nice BUT, often it gets it wrong.
Evil Lyrics gets it wrong too but it's easier to fix and although the karaoke isn't automatic like Media Lyrics, Evil Lyrics allows you to choose the most appropriate karaoke.
Evil Lyrics also has a plugin to convert to LRC files.
Evil Lyrics allows drag and drop of text to the main window, which lets you download whole album lyrics consecutively. And if you get creative, you can create lists (max 20 odd at a time) and drag these onto the Evil Lyrics window to download lyrics for your singles.
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Post by trixmoto »

Evil Lyrics also has Evil Tagger which allows you to tag your mp3s.

Plus Evil Export (which you've already mentioned) for converting to LRC format so you can use my "Inline Lyrics" script! :)
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Post by Balinsky »

When I tried to use eviltagger a while back I didn't like it at all because it saved the lyrics to a lyrics3 tag and I couldn't get anything but evil lyrics to read them which was pretty useless for me. I like minilyrics more because it can still be functional when it is smaller.
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Post by zeltak »

hi guys

Very intresting discussion! one Q though, how do you get to install mini lyrics? it seems it wants you to state which player you want support to and MM is not there... which player do you need to choose in order to support MM?


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Post by Steegy »

The newer versions of MiniLyrics have MediaMonkey choice in the installer, otherwise install it for Winamp2 and copy the necessary plugin files from winamp's folder to MediaMonkey's, or change the Winamp install folder to MediaMonkey's.

Anyway, best download the newest version from
(they changed websites; the software has changed from developers for at least 2 times!)

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Post by wallstreetwalker »

yeah just made the step from evillyrics to minilyrics

it works smooth, i collecting lyrics fully automatic now.

it finds lots of lrc's and i already made one miself. :lol:
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Post by Teknojnky »

Minilyrics is the best I've tried!
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