Use MM as just client on one PC

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Use MM as just client on one PC

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I have been using MM for years for all my music and will probably forever do so. However, I don't want to use it for video, etc.... That said, I have been looking into using J River Media on my server to fish on all the media and am wondering, would it be foolish to just get MM (if it can) to just link to the music through that interface as a client? Will renaming file, ID'ing, etc.. be messed up? Again, MM is the best for what it can do, but for streaming to everything across the globe (especially phones and game consoles) MM doesn't seem to meet all that I am after beyond music. Thoughts?

Thanks much.
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Re: Use MM as just client on one PC

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MediaMonkey can act as DLNA client (also as server): ... ervers/4.0
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