MM Not Playing Nice - Auto-Organize files

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MM Not Playing Nice - Auto-Organize files

Post by AlanRackham »

I am using MM (Portable Mode) my problem is that if I go to Tools>Auto-Organize Files I am presented with a list of files that need to be moved so I press OK, however looking at the list again the same files are still there to be organized... This is particularly confusing has I have Options>Library>Auto-Organize setup and appears to work most of the time. I feel this is a bug or maybe I am missing something.
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Re: MM Not Playing Nice - Auto-Organize files

Post by nohitter151 »

When you go to Tools>Auto-Organize Files it does not show files that need to be moved, it shows whatever tracks are selected or if no tracks are selected, whatever tracks are listed in the main window.

Tracks are only moved/renamed if they are highlighted in yellow in the auto-organize files window, and then you hit the 'OK' button.
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Re: MM Not Playing Nice - Auto-Organize files

Post by Lowlander »

The Files to Edit > Unorganized Files node will show files that match Tools > Options > Auto-Organize criteria, but haven't been organized according to the set organize rules.
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