MM startup & EQ queries

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MM startup & EQ queries

Post by gino_76ph »

Hi There!

I currently have the latest paid gold-version of Media Monkey. may i ask:

1. how do i change the overall skin or the look of the MM? (mine is set to just white)

2. how do i stop this equalizer from popping-out everytime i start MM?

3. what is the best EQ setting (or add-ons) that you guys can recommend?
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Re: MM startup & EQ queries

Post by nohitter151 »

1. Options > Skins. In order to use skins you must uncheck the box "Override skin theme with windows system theme"

2. The equalizer should not show when you start MM, unless it was open when you closed MM

3. I would recommend not using the equalizer at all.
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