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Post by dwmd65 »

Can someone explain what a portable installation is and what the benefits and differences are from a normal installation?

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Re: Portable

Post by Lowlander »

It means it won't modify files on the PC (registry items are not saved in registry but in file in Portable folder) and Portable means it can be used on external drive on various PC's.
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Re: Portable

Post by emalvick »

I'm thinking of setting up a Portable Installation for an external hard-drive I can use at work independent of the desktop.

Am I correct in assuming that the database associated with the portable install will store paths in a relative fashion? i.e. If I plug the HD into multiple pc's and the drive gets a different letter on each one, it will still function without having to update the file locations or search for missing files?

I'll have to try it out, but I am still waiting on my portable HD to arrive at the moment.
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Re: Portable

Post by scott967 »

AFAIK, the database works the same in portable or non-portable -- it obtains a physical device "drive ID" for an HDD and this is what it uses, not the drive letter. I think as long as the folder structure on the drive stays the same the library should be consistent.

scott s.
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