Adding tracks to library with Drag and Drop

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Adding tracks to library with Drag and Drop

Post by ChevaTomme » Thu Apr 01, 2010 10:40 am


I'm quite new to MM so please excuse me if this question is sillly, i have searched but haven't really found a sollution...

Basically i want to be able to add tracks simply by dragging them onto MM, and they should automatically be moved to my library folder(s), as can be set up in iTunes.

Lets say i have my music library in M:\Music\ with sub folders for each artist and album.
I get some new tracks that might be on my desktop (windows) or even on an USB stick.
I drag the music files (.mp3) and drop onto MM that automatically moves the new tracks to M:\Music\ and creates new folders according to the rules set in MM.

I even bought MM Gold today because i hoped that the Auto-Organise functionality would take care of this, but it's not working when i try, so that money was wasted so far.
This kind of functionality is so natural to me that i am very surprised that it doesn't seem be there...

Am i making myself clear?
Is it possible to do what i want?

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Re: Adding tracks to library with Drag and Drop

Post by nohitter151 » Thu Apr 01, 2010 4:53 pm

Drag files to the library node to add them.
Tools > Options > Auto-organize to set up a directory and file naming system.
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