Does MM Support .AAC Tagging?

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Does MM Support .AAC Tagging?

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Hi. I just bought a new mp3 player and it supports aac files. before I would have to transcode my .m4a files to mp3s on-the-fly while sycning with my other player, but what i wish to do now is use foobar+mpeg4 tools to extract the aac audio from the m4a container so i won't have to convert my m4a audio to mp3 anymore. My question is does MM have acceptable support of .aac files, including tagging read/write capabilities? Thanks in advance.
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Re: Does MM Support .AAC Tagging?

Post by Teknojnky »

if your player supports aac, it should support m4a, you shouldn't need to convert anything.

aac is the m4a file without the container, and as such I don't think there are any such things as tagging them.

more info @ see the container formats section.

also, what exactly is the player your referring to?
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Re: Does MM Support .AAC Tagging?

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