Trouble with Tagging

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Re: Trouble with Tagging

by Lowlander » Mon May 27, 2013 2:18 pm

Generally if you want to share your files with other devices around the house you'd need a DLNA/UPnP server. This can be MediaMonkey or a media server on a NAS.

Unfortunately Logitech has chosen a non-standard solution, but MediaMonkey could still be of help: ... squeezebox

RAID has little to do with the sharing of the files, instead it is a way to setup storage. You can do different things like joining multiple drives as 1 (RADI 0) or setting up redundancy so if 1 (RAID 1 or 5) or 2 (RAID 6) drives fail your data won't be lost. Most multi-disc NAS devices come with RAID capability and it's also something that can be done in desktop systems (may require additional RAID hardware besides the hard drives).

I personally run a NAS with RAID 6 and MediaMonkey on a Windows PC as media server.

In my experience FreeDB is fairly good at tagging multi-disc Albums correctly. However there are sometimes problems with FreeDB results which will require manual tagging. Auto-Tag from Web works well as long as you run it on all files on all discs of an Album.

Re: Trouble with Tagging

by Lyndon » Mon May 27, 2013 2:04 pm

I first used Freedb, then I tried tagging it with Amazon, with the same negative results. As to your last paragraph, I tried tagging them in that section, but that didn't work. It could be because I tried doing that before I realized that I was getting the same song list on both cd1 and cd2, and thus that negated the Disc 1 and Disc 2. Duh!

I may play with it further, but it has already eaten up a lot of my time. The bigger question down the road for me is the fact that I have my music on several hard drives, and am wondering if I will need to configure a RAID type system to have access to it through my Squeezebox Touch. My whole attempt to integrate an HTPC sytem has been a quagmire! I admire you guys who can set this up properly.
Again, thanks, Lowlander. You guys keep up the faithful. We will have to place you on the Night's Watch, in the Game of Thrones. :D

Re: Trouble with Tagging

by Lowlander » Mon May 27, 2013 12:44 pm

If you're referring to the FreeDB lookup when you insert the CD, you'll have to manually change the Properties of any files with the incorrect tags (like Title).

When using Auto-Tag from web on a multi-disc Album it is best to use Auto-Tag from Web on all discs on the Album at the same time (and disable updating of Track#), instead of using it on each disc individually. Unfortunately Amazon doesn't provide disc information through this method (although it does on their website).

As you're adding the CD number to the Album tag, the Album will be split up (same Album and same Album Artist is required for tracks to belong to the same Album). You should consider using the Disc# tag to indicate which disc on the Album a track is on.

Trouble with Tagging

by Lyndon » Mon May 27, 2013 11:47 am

On the second cd of a three cd set, it reads the second cd as the cd1, with the same song set, but, of course, it is not. Do I need to go into properties and rename every song to that which is correct? I'm a little rusty with this.

well, I renamed the titles of all the songs on the second cd, and am not letting the auto-tag be used on this one. And I added artwork myself, but it still won't let the CD3 be included in the library together with the other two cd's-it keeps it separate, just above with another same title header. Did not change the title on all the cd's, save to add: CD1, CD2, CD3. I guess that is the best I can do. Very irritating for my library. Had much of the same problems with my copy of Neil Young, Psychedelic Pill. Finally, just gave up and use my actual album in my system. :roll: