Duplicate Files Both Play At Same Time

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by malibu » Wed Feb 11, 2004 7:31 am

Can I suggest that the library update or some other facility should look for / clean up more then one entry pointing to the same file? Personally I would be willing to just keep the first hit but I suppose there should be a selection of what dupe to keep just in case they aren't all the same in the DB. I don't think there would be a legitimate case where more then one entry pointed to the same file ever.

I'm in the same boat as lowlander.. I have over 1000 files and several hundred dupes. Some are ligitmately the same except for the pathname. So for me deleting dupes means goind through every pathname manually and selecting valid entries.

Glad to hear file monitir was fixed!! Looking forward to using it!

I disagree

by Lowlander » Tue Feb 10, 2004 10:31 pm

Well that depends on the size of the library and the amount of changes that you make daily.

I both have a sizable library and often modify and add tracks. As such I'm not able to trace back events to be able to identify the likely candidates for duplicates. That means I will need to run thru the whole library.

Now in itself I'm not too bothered by this except for the fact that automatically delete duplicates and as such the whole song all together (I do have real duplicates as well with duplicate files on the PC).

by jiri » Tue Feb 10, 2004 11:50 am

I don't know yet, maybe it could be an action in Library Management, but I think that even without this it wouldn't be too big problem to remove duplicates manually.


How do we get rid of duplicates?

by Lowlander » Tue Feb 10, 2004 11:30 am

How do we go about getting rid of the duplicate listings? Will the next version be able to get rid of all the duplicates the current version has created?

by jiri » Tue Feb 10, 2004 2:52 am

Recently there were some significant improvements made to the File Monitor and thus all these problems should be fixed in the next release.


by abecedarian » Mon Feb 09, 2004 10:38 pm

I removed the duplicate records in the song table of the mdb file a couple days ago. Before that, I had deleted the song from the library using MM. Next time I opened MM, it correctly added that song. Today I opened MM, and the File Monitor added the song again, so now the song is listed twice again. We'll see if it adds it again tomorrow. It sure seems to be a bug in File Monitor. None of the other files that previously were listed multiple times have been "found" again.

by Guest » Mon Feb 09, 2004 8:56 pm

Having the same problem. This is a stand alone pc. I thought it had something to do with album/ song. One for the album-one for the song. Now I see that they both come up on the play list. Maybe something to do with adding songs on a daily basis.? I love this program, hope someone can help. :cry:

by malibu » Sun Feb 08, 2004 6:26 am

I've had the duplicate problem too and I would really love to get to the bottom of it but I am in the same boat as Lowlander.. Too many files on too many PCs. And I would add that is difficult for an end user to test this kind of thing as we are really just shooting in the dark without specific knowledge on how Mediamonkey works internally. That said, if someone does happen upon the cause I would be eternally greatful!

I thought the duplicate link problem was happening because of my running more than one Mediamonkey on a network. Are there people getting duplicate entries when running MM on a single standalone PC?

Same problem here.

by Guest » Sun Feb 08, 2004 3:11 am

I can confirm quitadamo's problems. Same exact symptoms. They are definitely not duplicate files, just duplicate entries for the same file. If you try to delete just one entry, all of them are deleted from the library. Mine are both albums by the 10,000 Maniacs. They are the first two albums in the first Artist listed (after Unknown) and they are WMA files ripped from WMP9, if that makes any difference. File Monitor is on. I have it set for startup scan, but usually terminate the process if I know I haven't added any files because it takes a long time. Some of the songs have three entries. Others have only two. Not sure what happened but there's definitely multiple entries in the Access DB.

duplicate management

by Lowlander » Mon Jan 26, 2004 9:52 pm

You can always use the duplicate titles/content in the files to edit node to manage and locate duplicates.

Deleting the DB will result in information loss for fields that aren't stored in the songs, just in the DB.

Still going on -

by quitadamo » Sun Jan 25, 2004 6:53 am

I'd like to add a few points as I continue to try to resole this issue.

1 - I moved the files to a new folder.
2 - I deleted them as dead links
3 - I reloaded them from the new folder
4 - They still show up as duplicates (tags, filenames, and paths)
5 - They still highlight and play simultaneously
6- A new point (they seem to have grown from 2 to 3 duplicates per track)

I am wondering if there is something in the tag itself that could cause this?

Next step - clear the entire DB - and reload.

If still no resolve - delete and re-rip the tracks .

If still no resolve - delete all of MM and reinstall and reload

File monitor

by Lowlander » Sat Jan 24, 2004 12:47 pm

I have them double in the artist node. I can't say for sure if the file monitor might be part of this as I don't use it anymore. But I also don't recall if any duplicates have been formed afterwards (without using filemonitor).

As I work with too many files and on too many PC's (portable drive that's networked) I can't be off much help in this case.

by jiri » Sat Jan 24, 2004 4:31 am

From the description I'm not sure - aren't the identical songs in Now playing only? Or are they all e.g. in Artist node? If it's the second case, then something is wrong, possibly some conflict with the File Monitor.


Duplicate deletion be careful

by Lowlander » Fri Jan 23, 2004 10:42 pm

Well I guess you have really a duplicate entry for the same file. I have had it before. You can just delete one from library only and you should be fine.

Just make sure you don't delete the file in any entry as you will loose the song (if you work with songs locally it should be in your trash can).

There is another post on this same subject running somewhere else on the forum. You should try to create a bug report about this as I have the same problem too. I haven't been able to track the problem back to a specific event. If you can find out more please share it on the board.

Duplicate Files Both Play At Same Time

by quitadamo » Fri Jan 23, 2004 10:24 pm

Ok - this is another one for the experts.

I have about 25 files that seem to have the Exact same tags, file names, and folder locations. They appear identical in every way in MM.

When I play one (double click), BOTH highlight BOLD when the song starts.

When I use the player to advance to the next song |> (the other dupe), the same song plays again (or I can d-click the dupe and it plays - or I can just let it play through to the end and the next dupe will play)

If I delete the song (either dupe), both are deleted. If I change tags on one, the othe changes too. Same with renaming the files.

OK so I thought perhaps there were identical 2 songs on the PC - but a search comes up with only one copy.