Track Volume field and "-99999"

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Re: Track Volume field and "-99999"

by MMFrLife » Sun Oct 08, 2017 9:40 am

Thanks, but my question isn't about volume leveling itself, it's about the use of "-99999" to clear the volume leveling field.
I use a clearing batch preset with RegExp Find and Replace add-on and it had that field included (I've since taken it out of
the batch). The batch is intended to do a single sweeping clear of all the fields it includes, whether any of them need it or not,
so I don't have to worry about doing any one of them individually.

It clears the track volume field by using "-99999" to clear whatever is its current state. It seems that when this is done,
it causes a synch problem with that field when applying the Unsynch'd files check.

Isn't "-99999" an MM thing (not an add-on issue)? If so, why do those files not show as synched?
If I reconvert the files to the same specs, it corrects the issue.
As previously mentioned, I've taken that field out of the batch and there is no longer an issue when performing
Unsynch'd files.

Re: Track Volume field and "-99999"

by rusty » Wed Sep 27, 2017 8:30 am

Re. CD Rips: see ... veling/4.0 for an explanation of the 'Level Track Volume'. To summarize:
- If that option isn't enabled, then tracks will be ripped without any volume leveling offset saved to the track tags (unless you've enabled Options > Player > Volume Leveling > Automatically analyze volume of unanalyzed files, in which case MM will automatically analyze the volume after the track is ripped and save a volume leveling offset).
- If that option is enabled, then when the track is ripped, the volume will be analyzed and MediaMonkey will actually modify the volume of the resulting audio file (again without saving a volume leveling offset to the tag). Note that for a file that is leveled in this manner, if you subsequently perform 'Analyze Volume' on the file, it should calculate an Offset of ~0dB.

More about volume leveling at ... ncepts/4.0 (note that Level Volume in MM takes the MP3 Gain or Conversion approach depending on the format, Analyze Volume takes the Replay Gain approach).

Hope this clarifies.


Track Volume field and "-99999"

by MMFrLife » Fri Sep 22, 2017 9:28 am

I did an "Unsynch'd Files" check and had an issue with a few files.
But without getting too much into the issue yet, a quick question first:

If you rip a cd, without doing anything after to the track volume, the Track Volume field
should be "clear, clean and pure" - right?

If you then clear it in MM (without actually needing to) by applying "-99999", you are putting something there that was not there already, right?