MMW "flashes" when updating tags

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Re: MMW "flashes" when updating tags

by JoePublic » Wed Jul 15, 2015 3:27 pm

Lowlander, thank you so much. I must have maximized the status bar accidentally. I got it minimized, and now: problem solved! :D

Re: MMW "flashes" when updating tags

by Lowlander » Wed Jul 15, 2015 11:51 am

You maximized the Statusbar, and thus you see it create new space. Minimize it again and it will run in the available space next to the file amount/size display. Minimizing is done through the context menu (right click) when the Statusbar is shown.

MMW "flashes" when updating tags

by JoePublic » Wed Jul 15, 2015 11:19 am

This is an odd problem, and it may not be regarded as a problem. I'll post it anyway to see what reaction there is, if any.

Sometimes - a lot of the time but not all the time - when I update a field in a track, MM "flashes" when doing the update. It didn't used to do this for me, and it's kind of annoying.

I wanted to see what this "flashing" is, so I did a video screen cap at the fastest rate I could (120 fps), and then went back and looked at what happened frame by frame. What's happening is simply that MM is telling me that there is 1 file to be modified and it does it. Maybe when MM doesn't "flash" the message, the update is happening so quickly that it doesn't appear on the monitor? As mentioned, I never used to have this visual artifact when just updating one field from the "list" display. Any ideas anyone?

Here are the images I captured. There are 8 frames in total uploaded to in an album, covering a fraction of a second. I captured just the relevant portion of the window.

Frame 1 - Precondition: The Title field is just about to be updated (by me pressing Enter).
Frame 2 - MM overlays the bottom scroll bars for the Media Tree and the track listing frames with a dark color.
Frame 3 - The dark bar goes away and an informational bar appears that shows "1 file to be updated". The Media Tree frame shrinks to accommodate the informational bar, and its scroll bar becomes visible again.
Frame 4 - The Media Tree frame adjusts slightly downward.
Frame 5 - The informational bar goes away, again replaced by a region of dark color.
Frame 6 - The dark color goes away.
Frame 7 - The Media Tree adjusts downward to fill the vacated space.
Frame 8 - Postcondition: The scroll bar returns for the window that contains the song listing, and the entire process is over.

So, the process seems to be working fine, but I wish it didn't flash like that on my screen.