Check for new/changed media fails

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Check for new/changed media fails

Post by DerIsenburger » Sat Jul 27, 2019 2:18 pm

Hello Forum,

I used MediaMonkey as long as I ran a windows system and was happy to find MediaMonkey for Android last week. I have never used my phone to play lots of music, finding MediaMonkey inspired me to try this out. My phone is a bq Auaris X running Android 8.1, MediaMonkey is a fresh install from yesterday.

I inserted a 256GB sd card into my phone and started to copy albums to the folder Audio/Albums on the sd card. After adding about 4000 songs I installed MediaMonkey and let it set up the database. That was running fine so far.

After checking out the functions I decided to continue and added more songs to the sd card, to the folders Audio/Soundtracks Audio/Comedy and so on. I tried to update the database by running Options -> Check for new/changed media, with library folder set to Audio on the sd card. Running the check didn't add any titles to the database. After trying several things, I tried access by Folders from the main menu. I can access the files and starting a file from here, adds this file to the database. When I select a complete subfolder, e.g. Comedy and press the button I assume to be "add to playlist" the system works quite a while and after that most of the files from folder have been added to the database, but not all. I reran Check for new/changed media several times now, without any effect, there are still an estimated 5% of the files missing. Whenever I find a missing file, I can add it by playing from the folder access, but with an estimated 500 files missing this is not the way to go.

I searched the web quite a lot, but didn't find any decent clues. So either my problem is really obscure or so obvious, that nobody bothered to mention. Can somebody give me a clue, why Check for new/changed media doesn't work for me?

Greetings from Germany,