G-Monkey v1.1.0.0 /v1.2.0.0[MM4] (01.10.2014)

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Re: G-Monkey v1.1.0.0 /v1.2.0.0[MM4] (01.10.2014)

Postby Dmonkey » Tue Feb 24, 2015 8:06 pm

G-Monkey_PS v.12

very beautiful skin - from the dark skins it is the very best so far

there is just one thing i wanted to change:

i use fullscreenplayer all the time

1. Status Bar Text: - bigger fontsize (20) - alignment to the right

2. time font in Player Bar (left and right): bigger fontsize 20 - black background and white font color
(how much time a song is playing and how much time is left)

i read everything available how to edit skins - wiki - forums - but my alterations did not work, i failed ... i used theme7 as editor

can someone help me out, what to do?
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