can't play some videos in Chrome browser since installing MMW

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can't play some videos in Chrome browser since installing MMW

Post by Berrander » Tue Sep 25, 2018 2:35 am

I've recently installed the latest version of MMW and since then, when I try to play video's embedded on webpages in Chrome browser (only Chrome, in Firefox this doesn't happen, both browsers most recent version), my whole screen goes black but in the background I can hear the sound of the video still, and then after a short while the video images/whole screen comes back again but then dissappears again. I never had this prior to installing MMW.

For example I tried to play this video on this page, but then the mentioned error happens (don't know if you can watch this vid though bc I think there might be a country IP restriction(only Netherlands): ... _101388951

But on other sites the problem doesn't occur and I can play vids nicely, like on this one: ... orida.html

Later addition: Even when I restart my PC, don't start MMW and start Chrome and try to watch a video on site again, the same problem happens. But not in Firefox, w/ FF I can watch the videos without any problem. This never happened before I installed MMW.