Seeking after pause doesn't empty audio buffer

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Seeking after pause doesn't empty audio buffer

Post by Kylotan » Mon Jul 30, 2018 4:08 am

After getting the latest update, I find the following:

1) I play an mp3 song, and pause it
2) I click somewhere else on the playback bar to seek to a different position
3) When I click to unpause it, I get a quick burst of audio from wherever I previously paused it, before the audio at the new position plays

This is most obvious when you pause in the middle of a loud song, 'rewind' to the beginning, and start playback again - you hear a burst of loud music before the silence at the start of the track.

I am pretty sure this never used to happen.

v4.1.21.1875, Windows 8.1, WASAPI output, Remove Silence, Smooth Seek, and Smooth Stop enabled. (The problem persists even if Smooth Pause is enabled.)