Accents in French

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Accents in French

Post by Charles » Tue Feb 24, 2004 3:34 pm

As a french, i'd like to outline a slight mistake when converting characters with an accent : the caracter è is translated to c instead of e - teh character à is not translated.

The good translations are :
- à â ä translate to a
- é è ê ë translate to e
- î ï translate to i
- ô ö translate to o
- ù û ü translate to u
- ÿ translate to y
- ç translate to c

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Should be fixed in MM 2.2

Post by Lowlander » Tue Feb 24, 2004 4:53 pm

The new MM should solve these problems.

It is currently in alpha testing and can be downloaded from the beta testing forum. Remember that alpha versions are only for regular testers as serious errors can still occur.
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